Thursday, October 16, 2008

Crossdressing With Wife

For a long time, I have had a fantasy of making love to my wife while being dressed in sexy women’s lingerie but was always too scared to act it out. A couple of years ago on Halloween, I decided it was time. I told my wife we would have a little party, just the two of us, and that she should dress up sexy and I would do the same. I spent a lot of time getting ready. I shaved my legs, pubic hair, and underarms. I put on nail polish, eye shadow, and lipstick. Then I dressed in a sexy bra and panties, thigh-high stockings, and a pair of four-inch heel shoes. I was very nervous but also very excited as I waited for her to come into the room. When she did finally come in and saw me standing there, she was shocked at first. But the more she checked me out, the more excited she became. She started telling me how pretty I looked and began running her hands all over me. After a lot of kissing and fondling, we had what had to be the best sex we've ever had in our eighteen years of marriage. We had so much fun that this has become a regular part of our love making fun. Since then, I have acquired quite a collection of sexy bras, panties, stockings and shoes that I love to wear for her. She now has a strap-on so that we can really have some role-reversal fun. I recommend this to everyone as I am sure your woman will find the experience very exciting as did my wife

Wife Likes Me In Panties

My wife makes me wear panties 24/7. When she takes me panty shopping, she says to me, right in front of the girl at the lingerie department, "Oh, these are going to look cute on you! Aren’t they pretty?" The sales girls seem to get a kick out of it. When we get home, she makes me model them. Then she invites her best friend over, and they take turns spanking me. Her friend always put a bra on me. Then, they force me to play with myself as they tease me and call me names. I love it! My panties are so pretty! Click on my picture for more pictures of me dressed sexy.

Wife Enjoys Crossdressing

One night, I overheard my wife talking to her best friend. She told her that I like to wear woman's lingerie. Her friend said she thought that was sexy. So, later on, I walked out of our bedroom wearing a thong, bra, garter belt, mini skirt, and a see-through blouse. My wife's best friend was so excited she could barely control herself. She was all over me. My wife didn’t say anything as her friend's hand started to feel my groin area. Then her friend started performing oral sex as my wife watched. WOW! What a night. My wife confessed she likes watching me with other women.

Wife Knows I Crossdress

I have been wearing panties since I was eight years old. I steal panties whenever I get the chance. I only like satin and silk-feeling ones. I wear lingerie under my clothes a lot, too. I really enjoy wearing tie-side swimsuits. I own about a dozen swim suits. I love them so much, I even steal my step-daughter’s panties. I stole her string bikini swim suit from her. Every time I wear it, I think of her in it. My wife knows I wear panties and lingerie. Whenever we have sex, I wear sexy lingerie. She loves it as she knows it turns me on so much. I shop online for panties and tie-side bikinis. I own about fifty pairs of panties. I had to use my second dresser drawer because I didn’t have enough room in my top one for all my panties and lingerie. I just love women’s clothing. It makes me feel comfy, so I like it and the feel of satin on me. I probably masturbate more than I have sex to. I walk around my house in lingerie when no one is home or I lay in the sun in a bikini to get a tan. I’m just so hot and get horny when I’m in lingerie. I have many galleries of pictures of me crossdressing just check out my galleries by clicking on my picture.

Girlfriend Likes Crossdressers

When I was twenty-five, I had been dating this girl for about 2 years. She worked the evening shift so I was usually at home and horny. Well, one night it was late and I was horny. Let's say I like the feel of lingerie any kind. So, not having any of my own, I borrowed some from my girlfriend. Well, that night, feeling real naughty and horny, I dressed up in a white silk and lace teddy with garter straps, thigh-highs and thong. I had all kinds of lingerie lying around me. Well, I forgot what time it was. At about 1:00 AM, my girlfriend comes home and walks into the bedroom. I tried to hide the lingerie, but I couldn't. She was shocked. I started to say sorry, but she interrupted me and said, "No, please continue." She told me to keep wearing her lingerie. Since then, she has been dressing me up and buying me lingerie. Getting caught isn't so bad! Just click on our picture to see the rest of our pictures.

I have been married for over twenty years. Over time, the sex has gotten a bit dull. I have enjoyed wearing women's underwear ever since I was in my teens. I used to sneak my sister's panties and nylons from her room and wear them at home alone. Lately, I've been wearing my wife's lingerie around the house (I work at home), and recently, she caught me. Surprisingly, she didn't freak out. Instead, she said it made her hot to see me wearing her thigh-high black nylons, sexy lacey panties, and camisole tops. That first time she caught me, we made love while I had on her things, and it was the best in quite a while. Since then, she asks me to dress for her often, and we have very hot sex. I love being able to act out my fantasies with her, and she says it is especially exciting for her to see me in her sexy stuff. She even asks me to masturbate for her while in her lingerie. She joins me, bringing herself to climax while watching me. The sex has been better than ever. Now that we both know we are kinkier than we knew, we are going to expand our horizons and try other fantasies. We have more pictures just click on the picture to see our galleries.